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What I do

Use me as your Head of Insight, in-house market researcher and brand strategist all rolled into one – on tap, as and when you need it.     

Got knotty consumer or shopper questions to answer?  Big ambitions for your business?  Want some bespoke consumer research, or simply a fresh, experienced pair of eyes on your business?  Get in touch.

I help businesses get curious about…
– the people who buy and consume their products
– what those people really want and need
– how they choose and buy products or services
– what’s working with their marketing, what’s not, and how it can be even better. 
– what their customers think of the competition
– how the future of their brand or their category could look

And I help them get clear on…
– who will buy from them and why
– their goals AND how to deliver them
– how they can meet their customers’, shoppers’ or consumers’ needs
– how they can grow customer numbers and rate of sale
– innovation and marketing planning processes with shoppers and consumers at the heart
– what insight they have, and how to use it

What that might look like…

Half-day, one-day or two-day intensive sessions.
What’s working, what’s not?
Get fresh eyes on your performance, your insights and your strategy
Find new opportunities and think differently
Develop plans to get your brand seen loved and bought…

Projects done with you
Got a big, high-stakes project?
A brand repositioning, pack redesign, NPD pipeline to fill, advertising to develop?
I can be an objective, consumer-focused pair of hands throughout the process. Planning the process, making the brief the best it can be, and validating with consumers when the time is right.

Bespoke research projects
Instore shopper intercepts
Focus groups and interviews
Trends inspiration
Desk research
Mining your existing data for insights
Managing your existing suppliers

In-house training and facilitation
Innovation ideation or positioning workshops
Annual planning workshops and process run for you
Insight or marketing strategy training
Consumer immersions

To find out more about how I can help your business, book a chat: