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When you first start up in business, it seems as though everyone is telling you… ‘you must do your market research’... ‘you have to get your target audience nailed’‘everything starts with your ideal client’ – sound familiar?

And it’s true… it is the one thing that will make everything else you do easier, quicker and more effective at getting people to buy from you.

But how often does anyone help you work out HOW to get the answers you need? And if you’re getting it right?! Which is why so many business owners secretly feel they’re ‘winging it’ with their market research…

I help you learn HOW to understand your target audience: working out the right questions to ask, making the research process simple, effective (and above all fun!), and helping work out the ‘so what’ for your business from the results.

See below for how you can work with me (or if you’re not sure where to start, book a free, no-pressure 20 minute call to talk it through)

ONLINE COURSE: the Curiosity Kickstarter walks you through startup market research and ideal customer / client avatar development in a few simple steps – and helps you understand what you need to do to make your business fly. As you go, you will learn market research skills and get resources that you’ll use throughout your time in business.

1:1 STARTUP RESEARCH KIT: two 45 minute calls with me: one to help you get started with the right questions and a research plan to implement, one after you’ve done the research, to help you work through the answers and the ‘so what next’ for your business. Plus a host of resources, crib sheets and swipe files to help you.