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Other small business?

That’s ok…! I can still help.

I provide services to help small businesses of all kinds – both service-based, and non-food product businesses. See below for details and to book a 20-minute exploratory call with me.

When you have a rock-solid understanding of your potential customers and what they want, you’ll feel confident that you’re investing your time and money (and energy) in products, and marketing that they will love, and most importantly, that will sell!

Do you have…
New ideas, product offerings or marketing you want to road-test with potential customers, before you invest too much time or money?
Are you a couple of years in, and looking to step-change your growth, change your niche, or pivot your business..?
Are you making all the right moves, but somehow your marketing just isn’t bringing in raving fans or converting to sales..
Do you have that niggling feeling that you’re ‘winging it’ with your target audience… so you never quite have the courage to take the risks that could seriously grow your business…

The most successful businesses are ones that keep on learning about their customers. People change, their feelings and motivations change… situations change… And your business needs to change with them.. So it pays to check in often, to make sure you’re on track.⁠

Here’s how I can help:

For businesses who are starting out or on micro budgets, there are a couple of options to guide you through the process of getting the answers you need (and teaching you skills you’ll use in your business forever).

If neither of the options below quite hits the spot – or if you’d like to discuss a bigger piece of bespoke research, use the calendar link below to book a time to chat to me.

Or book a call here: