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Qualitative research

Tap into what matters to your shoppers and consumers.. and why

Knowing how your brand and products fit into people’s hearts and lives is the key to building a successful food or drink business. And qualitative research helps connect your stakeholders with what really matters to your shoppers and consumers.    

Shopping – especially food and drink shopping – is 80% emotional, so all the data in the world can only get you so far.   Data will tell you what’s going on.  It won’t tell you why things are happening – which is where speaking to real humans comes in: focus groups, interviews, speaking to shoppers instore.   

If you want to not just understand, but see, hear and feel:

  • Why your brand fits into the lives and hearts of your consumers and shoppers (so you can create a compelling message that will get them buying and loving your products)
  • What makes you stand out in your category (why retailers should stock your brand and why shoppers will buy it)
  • What makes your brand irresistibly unique (so you’ll outshine the competition)
  • How to create the best possible potential products, pack designs or advertising based on feedback from the humans who will buy and use your brand (so you’re investing your cash as effectively as possible)

Then qualitative research is what you need.

What this can look like:

  • Focus groups and depth interviews (online and in person)
  • Instore: accompanied shops and store intercepts
  • Consumer immersions and ethnography
  • Research communities

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