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Insight and brand strategy

Untangle your insights, sort your brand strategy, create inspiring – and goal-delivering – action plans

I love working with small and challenger food and drink brands – these are the businesses which are acting on the most interesting insights, and innovation is happening fast.

Small teams are agile and massively fun, but often don’t have access to insight and brand strategy expertise in house – and let’s be honest, may be winging it just a tiny bit. So often there’s a huge opportunity to get clearer on what’s working, what’s not – what will work to get their products seen, loved and flying off the shelves… and create a clearly laid out action plan for growth.

Is your brand in that ‘tricky second album’ stage of growth? Retail buyers – or investors – asking big questions?
Do you need a clear view of how your target audience shops and uses your category?
Data overload and no clear plan? Or not enough insight but not sure what you need?
Does your brand need some new thinking about where growth is coming from?
Get in touch.

Packages and rates

Bespoke work
Project and day rates are available. Get in touch, and we can scope out the right approach to meet your business objectives.

Done-with-you insight review and brand growth plan
I’m trialling a package called Insight Overload to Clear Action Plan. First I roll my sleeves up, get stuck into your existing insight, and give you a fresh, objective viewpoint on your business. Then we do a series of sessions as a team to build the insight into a full marketing action plan.
Book an intro call if you’d like to know more.

Power hours
These are perfect if you need a short, intensive session to get you heading in the right direction.
If you’re a marketer with a new project or a dilemma, or an agency with a new client and want to get up to speed on a new food or drink category quickly. Or if you want a fresh, objective pair of eyes on some comms or product ideas, or a quick training on something research-related, a power hour will get you well on the way to the answers you need.
You can book them singly, or get a discount when you book a few (for instance if you’re planning a project and know you’ll want regular checkins).

Want to chat about what’s right for your business?