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Start with the end in mind.

Research and brand strategy should never be about stuff that’s just ‘interesting’. It’s about what will cut through in a crowded category to get your brand seen, loved and flying off the shelves. I will help you get clear on what you need to know and why… and on the business impact it will create. How it will help you hit your goals.

Market to humans.

People are more than just consumers or shoppers. Your brand occupies a tiny space in their brain. They are complex, contradictory and emotional – which is why listening and connecting with them is vital. By understanding what they do care about, you can win space for your brand in their hearts and lives.

Food is never ‘just’ food.

Food and drink represent relationships, habits, culture, identity, comfort, craving… Taste and smell can bypass the rational brain and give your brand a shortcut to memory and emotion. Understanding what makes your brand irresistibly unique gives you the ammunition you need to get people and retail buyers to buy.

Make things better

Curiosity & Clarity exists to make a positive impact – for businesses, for end consumers, for stakeholders, for the world. It’s about finding better ways to do things: increasing sales and profits by selling more of the products products that deliver the best solutions for people and society – and making great ideas even more compelling.

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