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Who I am

I’m Isabel Lydall, Founder and Insight Director.

I love finding out what makes people behave how they do – and using what I learn to help businesses and brands grow.

I’ve been a client-side Insight and Category Controller, and have more than 15 years of experience in food marketing, working across everything from niche brands to category-leaders, national-treasure brands to brand-new launches, premium artisan brands to everyday favourites, healthier brands to guilty pleasures.    

As an insight person, I’ve spent years helping brands and businesses put the people who buy and eat their products at the heart of what they do. Used what I’ve learnt about human behaviour to develop product pipelines, test marketing ideas, launch (and refresh) some amazing brands, and get stuck into the nuts and bolts of what’s selling in a category and why.

Before moving into insight I was a brand marketer, so I’ve built business plans and launched products myself – and delivered tens of millions of pounds of brand growth.    So I know that it’s not enough simply to understand your consumers – you need to create ways to turn what you know into sales.

Yes, I’ve done the ad campaigns, the PR launches, the awards ceremonies, the agency pitches, the TV shoots, the big re-brands, the NPD launches.     But I’ve also done the hard yards – quite literally – walking the supermarket aisles and the factory floor.  I’ve haggled to shave the last few pence off an ingredient cost.  I’ve approved the 356th version of some back-of-pack copy.  I’ve worked late polishing customer presentations.   I’ve packed and stacked, measured and glued… rolled my sleeves up and got the (branded) t-shirt.   

Which means that if you’re a small brand, or a founder getting started, I get it.   I know there are a million and one jobs to be done and priorities are constantly moving.    But I also know that the secret of success is a plan, and one which has at its heart the people who buy consume – and love – your brand and product.    

Market research skills

  • Research planning and briefing
  • Innovation and NPD
  • Researching with parents and families
  • Focus group moderation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Product / concept testing
  • Brand tracking
  • Data analysis

Qualifications and CPD

  • MA Marketing (Distinction)
  • Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5
  • Market Research Society Courses (Moderating, Advanced Methods in Qual Research)

Business skills and experience

  • Food marketing
  • FMCG
  • Heritage brands
  • Brand strategy
  • Advertising and communications
  • Digital and online
  • Sales
  • P&L and budget management