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Big ambitions…

Curiosity & Clarity is a small company with a big ambition – to change the world of small business by making it as normal for startups and small business owners and small marketing teams to get expert help with their market research and customer insight as it is for them to get help with their website, their advertising or their finances.⁠ ⁠    

When business owners are clear on who their customers are – and what they want – everything else they do massively improves.  Big corporates know this, and routinely invest in both specialist talent and resources.   But until now, very little help has been available to small businesses and startups.    

Curiosity & Clarity brings some of this thinking, experience and skillset into your world, and makes it approachable, relevant and actionable.

Because when you’re clear on who your customers are – and what they want – everything else about your business falls into place. 

  • You can be sure that your product, service or business idea is one your customers will buy
  • You know where to invest your time, effort and money to make the most impact
  • You can create deeper connections with your potential customers – your stories, your social media posts, your brand look and feel, your pricing, your ads… the whole marketing mix

Market research is much more than running surveys and focus groups.

It’s about understanding which questions will help you grow your business, finding the right way to work with your target customers to get the answers, and helping you work through what actions you need to take as a result.

It’s also about understanding the changing trends and influences that shape how your customers think and behave. Download our 2020 trends report here to find out what will be influencing consumers in 2020, and what it means for small business.

How Curiosity & Clarity works:

Curiosity & Clarity helps businesses:

  • Understand the questions they need to answer to create growth
  • Do the right research with their target audience to get the answers⁠ quickly and simply
  • Uncover the actions they need to take to move forward
  • Understand the changing trends and influences that shape how their customers think and behave (check out our 2020 Trends Report, link below).

1:1 consultancy, training and bespoke done-for-you research for startups and more established businesses – click here for an overview of some key packages (and a launch discount!)

Online training courses Work through a live topic in your own business, step by step, and learn skills you’ll use in your business forever. Join the VIP waitlist for the popup course starting in Feb 2020 here to get bonuses worth over £250.

Workshops and masterclasses – in person or online

To find out more about how Curiosity & Clarity works – and how we can help your business, book a free 20-minute call here.

About me

I am a market research and consumer insight professional with nearly 20 years’ experience of working to understand consumers, and growing some of the nation’s most-loved brands (plus rummaging in the nation’s kitchen cupboards..!). 

Not many people have taken quite such a winding career path through the world of marketing and business – spanning market research, business management, brand-building, sales, innovation.

This means I can guide you through the whole process in a focused, down-to-earth way, and have a commercial, practical approach to helping you find actionable ways to improve your business.