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Helping small foodie brands grow

Right now, in food, it’s the small and challenger brands are where the exciting stuff is happening.  New trends, new flavours and ingredients and new consumer insights are being acted upon – fast.    

Many smaller brands believe that in-house consumer insight – and bespoke research with the people who buy and eat their products – is out of reach.  I’ve created Curiosity & Clarity to fill that gap, providing a mix of consumer insight expertise, brand strategy and hands-on market research – which you can access as and when you need it. 

I’ll help you get curious and ask the big questions.  Run hands-on market research.   And get you inspired with what your consumers and shoppers do, what they want… and all sorts of emerging trends.      But we will also get extremely practical. We’ll create a clear action plan to get new people buying (and loving!) your brand, to increase your rate of sale and keep retail buyers excited.   Because it’s not enough simply to understand your consumers – you need to turn what you know into sales.

The people who buy your products are the most important people in your business. When you’re clear on who they are – and what they want – everything else will fall into place.

> You can be sure that shoppers and consumers will love the product you’re investing time, passion and money developing

> You have the evidence you need to get your retail buyers enthused about the opportunity – and get listings.

> You know what will make you stand out and create desire – and ultimately increase your rate of sale.

> You can plan your product range, your branding, your pricing and promotional plan, your pack design and your communications and advertising… the whole marketing mix.

I’m Isabel Lydall, founder and Insight Director at Curiosity & Clarity. My background is client-side consumer insight – I’ve led the Category and Insight team for Burton’s Biscuits, a £350m turnover business with a vast and varied portfolio of well-loved snacking brands. I love understanding what makes consumers and shoppers tick (and businesses!)

I started my career as a brand marketer, so I’ve built business plans and launched products – and delivered tens of millions of pounds of brand growth.   I know that it’s not enough simply to understand your consumers – you need to turn what you know into sales.

So if you’re marketing a small foodie brand, or a founder getting started, I get it.  I know the rollercoaster feeling of looking at your numbers – dizzily excited when it’s going better than you dreamed it could, and that sick feeling at the pit of your stomach when it isn’t…   I know there are a million and one jobs to be done and priorities are constantly moving.  

Let me help you get clear on what works and why for your shoppers and consumers… and let’s nail the plan that will get your brand loved and flying off the shelves – because that’s what really matters!