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Helping ambitious small businesses go from winging it to winning, by nailing their market research and connecting with their target audience

Are you creating a new product, service… or business… and want to know for sure that it works for your target audience? Or are you wondering who your ideal target customer is?

Do you have big decisions to make about whether to invest your time, money and energy in a new idea?

Do you want to know (not just hope!) that what you’re selling appeals to your ideal customer?

Do you need to find ways to make your marketing connect more deeply with your potential customers?

What are the most important questions you need to answer, so that you can grow your business? And how do you get them answered in a way that gives you the confidence to move forward? I can help you get the answers you need, that will help you transform your business.

I can help you uncover which questions matter most to your business, find the right way to work with your target customers to get the answers, and we can work through what actions you need to take as a result.

Your customers, your audience, your consumers, your clients, your tribe…

The people who buy your products or services are vital to the success of your business. When you’re clear on who your customers are – and what they want – any part of your business that touches them will massively improve.

  • You can be sure that your product, service or business idea is one your customers will buy
  • You know where to invest your time, effort and money to make the most impact
  • You know how what marketing will create deeper connections with your potential customers – your stories, your social media posts, your brand look and feel, your pricing, your ads… the whole marketing mix

…Growing your business faster and generating more income and profit
All businesses – large or small, new or established – need to research their customers. And its quite a specialist skill – so don’t feel you have to work it out by yourself!

I am a market research and consumer insight professional with nearly 20 years’ experience of working to understand consumers, and growing some of the nation’s most-loved brands (plus rummaging in the nation’s kitchen cupboards..!).  Not many people have taken quite such a winding career path through the world of marketing and business… spanning market research, business management, brand-building, sales, innovation. This means I can guide you through the whole process in a focused, down-to-earth way, and have a commercial, practical approach to helping you find actionable ways to improve your business.